Seeing One Kitten Yawn Is Cute, But Four Kittens Yawning in Harmony? CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Seeing kittens yawn is about as cute as it gets. Now imagine seeing a bunch of kittens yawning one after the other, it’s almost too much cuteness! But this is the case for this wonderful video of four kittens yawning in harmony. Take a look!

The yawn train is real! Seeing those kitties yawn in succession warmed my heart! The second one kitty would yawn the others would start yawning as well. It’s like one kitty is a lead singer and the others are doing the backup vocals!

How cute were those kittens?! If you’re feeling a bit down this video will definitely cheer you up! So don’t be selfish and spread the good vibes to your friends by sharing this video.

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