Kitties Cuddling With Their Teddys… So Darling!

We all sometimes need a best friend to take all of our worries out on. Whether it be in the form of hugs, or in some cases love-hate relationships. It can be the case of many and the resulting loving relationship can really go to show how deeply and inseparable the two parties are. When it comes to cats, I’ve seen them obsess over many different objects ranging from stuffed animals to toys, even all the way to scratching posts of places to lay/ sit. When you see the length and amount of love these young cats feel for their best friends and stuffed animals, I’m sure the result will leave you in awe. They are so precious when they tightly hold onto their furry friends, so full of love to give, so full of care. So, full of feels, and a lack of willingness to separate from the inanimate objects.

Because to these cats, it’s more than that. The stuffed teddies are a source of comfort and joy that they wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. They may love their humans, but we’ve all had stuffed animals and we all remember the connection our favorite stuffed animals made. We all remember the deep sense of comfort we received from the fluffy dears. It’s not always the case, but I remember being inseparable from many of my favorite stuffed animals. It’s hard not to be attached when you sleep and cuddle with them.

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