These kitties were raised among rabbits. So, now they hop instead of walking.

Do you think animals can learn another animal’s behavior if they are raised by them? Well, there has been a lot of debate on this matter and even some studies to back it up. A group of biologists recently made an experiment involving a litter of kittens and a puppy. They wanted to prove 2 things: for starters, that Pit Bulls were not very dangerous animals and that they could even acquire some aspects of cat behavior if they were exposed long enough to them.

So, they set up camp and went ahead with the experiment. The puppy was only 3 weeks old and it was put alongside with mother cat to raise him for 3 months. At the end of this time, they would supervise the dog’s behavior in and outside the litter. They wanted to know if he would be scared of other dogs regardless of their size, or if he would ‘act’ like a dog upon seeing them.

One of the biologists would monitor the pup during all three months and make notes of his findings and milestones that the dog was expected to hit during that time. At the end of the 3 months, the biologists gathered to look at the results. It turned out that the dog did behave a little bit like the other kittens. One funny thing that he did was to rub himself on the legs of the biologists.

Apart from that, he also liked to play rough with the other kittens where he would paw at them as if wanting to scratch them, just like a normal kitten would do. Then, they took the puppy to interact with some other dogs. The first one of them was a mother Pit Bull. She even looked like him although she was not his mother. As soon as the puppy saw the dog, he instinctively started to act more like a dog, trying to bite a lot more and no scratching whatsoever.

Well, this was not the only instance when an animal learned to behave differently. The case in the following video happened by accident. Some people who had a lot of bunnies decided to throw in a bunch of kittens with them and see what happened. It turns out that the kittens started to copy the bunnies’ behavior and hop around like them. Don’t believe me? Just check the video below for the awesome footage. You’ll be amazed!