This Kitty Loves Taking Long Baths Just As Much As I Do!

Our pets can either love or hate bath time. Well, the owner of this Sphinx cat by the name of Skeen certainly doesn’t have to worry about him not liking a bath!!

In fact, it’s just the opposite, it would seem that the problem isn’t getting Skeen in the bathtub; it’s getting him out of the bathtub! Solo precious!

Skeen enjoys taking a bath so much that when his parent tells him that bath time is over he ignores them. Seriously, Skeen turns his head away as if he didn’t hear what was just said.

When his parent decides to remove the plug to let the water out of the tub. What does Skeen do, he actually sits on the drain to try to stop the water from flowing through. Clever little guy but stubborn at the same time no doubt about that.

So, watch Skeen try to prolong his bath time and let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below.

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