This Kitty Cat Loves Watermelon, But Doesn’t Want To Share It With The Dog

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like watermelon, and a lot of dogs and cats love it too. Watermelon is a favorite of mine, but I know when I have it, I better have enough to share with the dog and the cat because they both love it too. If your furry friends find the watermelon first, you might just be surprised at how much they like it.

In this video you will meet Cooper, a kitty that loves watermelon just as much as his owner, and the dog who wants a piece too. Watch the video and you’ll see just how much he loves watermelon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animal enjoy their food so much, but this kitty seems to think this watermelon is just the greatest thing in the world.

Cooper’s love for watermelon has rubbed off on his brother, who’s a dog, and Cooper is less than thrilled about it. When his dog brother tries to take a bite from the watermelon that Cooper is enjoying, Cooper has a strong and very funny reaction that quickly shows he’s not a pushover and he’s not sharing! He might be a happy cat, but he hasn’t learned to share, and he won’t be doing it anytime soon, much to the dog’s disappointment. The dog better learn his place, and his owners better get more watermelon.

Enjoy this cat and dog video right below. I’m sure that you’ll adore it as much as I do, and don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook.

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