Kitty Comes Across Strange Object In Middle Of Floor. Its Reaction? HYSTERICAL

Remember the first time that you saw something unknown? It may have been a puddle of goop, a box, a piece of dust. What did you do? Did you walk right up next to it to investigate? What if that pile of fur turned out to be an angry dog? Nope, you keep your distance at first and approach with caution. That’s what happens in this video from Russia of a kitten finding an unidentified object on the floor.

We see a kitten walking carefully across a floor, eying something off screen. He’s deathly scared of it, but his courage is getting the better of him. Slowly, he makes his way over to… a tennis ball. Apparently, this ball is the Death Star to his Luke Skywalker. Still, he’s not going to want to go back to his parents and explain that he gave up on this. So… he bats the ball and bounces away from it… so far so good. No Death Ray yet.

It’s easy for us to laugh at this kitten. We know that the ball is harmless. It’s something that we’ve seen in everyday life. Kitty doesn’t know that. It’s his first time seeing something like this and he has no idea if it’s not going to suddenly grow 10 times its size and devour him. Maybe the kitty has seen one too many horror movies. Oh, wait, that would actually be me. Everytime I see something on the floor, I expect it to grow teeth.

The biggest thing to take from this video? The things we fear tend to turn out to be pretty mild. Kitty was getting himself all worked up over a tennis ball. It was harmless. What’s going on in your life that you’re afraid of that will turn out to be not worth it? What will become your tennis ball? So, go ahead and grab it, it will be fi- OH, WHAT DID I GRAB? THE TEETH! THE SHARP, SHARP TEETH!

This video turned me to goo. That kitten was so cute. What did you think? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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