When Mom Put Her Laptop On the Bed, This Kitty Cat Decided He Wasn’t Going to Give It Back

It’s a fact. Cats are Tech Savoy. Maybe that’s why we like them so much! They are just like us, right? Sometimes we just want want we want… and we won’t give it up no matter what.

Meet Cooper he’s a gorgeous exotic Persian kitty. He’s a regular on MadlyOdd. He has a thing for watermelons. He’s a very spoiled little boy and he knows it. His mommy is happy to oblige of course.

One night, as soon as the laptop was put on the bed, Cooper laid down on it and wouldn’t leave. He liked his “new pillow” so much that he didn’t allow anyone to touch it! “This is flat and warm, so I’m going to sleep on it and you can’t stop me, human.”

What is it with cats an computers? They just love them. Sometimes I never get any work done just ’cause one of my furbabies are taking over my keyboard constantly. I’m grateful for their love and for the break away from work, to be honest. Love them