When This Kitty Gets Hungry, Her ‘Meow’ Is Not What You Would Expect

Almost every one of our dear animal friends has their own distinct sound to let us know when they are happy, or hungry, and even when they are sad or angry. This is especially true of cats. Furry felines are some of the most popular pets around, partly because of their playfulness and ease of care, but also because they are good communicators and develop a special meow or purr for every emotion they feel. The kitty that you will see in the video below is a perfect example of how expressive a cat can really be. It’s astoundingly unique, this little critter! I’ve never heard a meow sound like this before. It’s something very special.

The particular breed of cat is a Himalayan cat, and she certainly lives up to her name. She lets everyone around her know when she’s hungry, and her bond with her mommy has made her create her own special purr and meowing sound to communicate with her, in the same way that a husky dog would, thanks to their distinct and unique verbalization. She must have a very close bond with her mom because mom understands what the cat wants and needs just by the sound she makes. I’ve personally never seen a cat as adorable as this, and I’m glad I stumbled upon this cute video!

Watch this adorable kitty’s special meowing sound for yourself in the video right below. If you like it, be sure to share it with your friends on Facebook!

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