This Kitty Gets On Top Of A HORSE! What Happens Next? ABSOLUTELY Adorable! This Will Melt Your Heart!

Friendship throughout the animal kingdom is very interesting, but above all, it is incredibly adorable. Humans and dogs, undeniably have a special bond, there are plenty of adorable videos on that front. However, have you heard of cats getting along with horses? This duo is sure to make you aww…

These two odd best friends have an amazing relationship, check out the following clip and prepare to be amazed at their interaction! He’s way up on the horses’ back, giving her kisses, and love, and oh-so-much affection. It really is beautiful to watch this inter-species relationship unfold before our eyes. And the feeling is mutual. That horse could buck off that kitty, but he’s totally at ease with his furry feline friend.

This whole situation is so much more remarkable because cats tend to be solitary creatures, they actually have a reputation around this personality trait! They are notoriously independent, yet this one saw fit to open his heart to this horse. Although, it is quite clear that this kitty does enjoy getting help grooming from his equine pal.

Please watch and share this adorable little clip of these two unlikely loving friends! It is sure to leave a smile on your face!

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