When this kitten wants her bottle, her ‘meow’ is not what you would expect. Listen!

Most of our furry friends make distinctive sounds to let us know when they are happy, when they are mad, and when they are hungry. It’s just something we animal lovers pick up on instinctively.

We know the different types of sounds to expect especially with cats.  But this little kitty is incredibly unique! Just wait for it. This little angel is going to make you melt! Oh my gosh!

This little kitty here is known as a Himalayan kitten, and she lives up to her name. When this little kitten is hungry, she makes a unique sound to let her mommy know!

She sounds more like a human BABY than a goat! Maybe she can talk now! So cute.  Wow, that’s one cute kitty. She looks more like a blue-point Siamese though according to some, but I digress. LOVE the voice!

Some people say she sounds like a baby goat… or maybe a lamb… or human baby. I can’t decide! Either way, this was just too cute, and I had to share it with you! I don’t think I have ever heard a “meow” quite like this, have you?! Leave a quick comment in the discussion box before you go. We count on viewers like you for your support.

Wasn’t that kitty a cutie pie? Before you go, watch this bonus cuteness video below: A basket full of kittens? My life is complete now. A basket full of kittens= a basket full of cuteness.