“Kitty, I Want To Be Your Friend, Puhleeeze??” — This Doggie SOOOO Loves This Kitty… ADORABLE!

‘Cute kitty I want to be your friend’, that’s what we hear looking at the beautiful doggie lying across the carpet. Awww those puppy eyes want to win over the tiny kitty who just won’t have it. She is more preoccupied with her grooming session.

The doggie won’t give up so easily, he is determined to have a new kitty friend. He drags himself on the carpet, getting closer and closer until he finally gives the little kitty a push with his muzzle. The kitty just moves away, continuing her self-cleaning session, but the dog keeps pushing her gently.

Oh come on, don’t be so cruel kitty, give some attention to your dog friend. We are sure you can have just as much fun despite your size difference.

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