This Kitty Has The Most INGENIOUS Way To Get His Owners To Let Him Back Inside.

Let’s speak plainly here. Cats are spoiled. Part of this entitlement probably stems from the fact that they were worshiped back in Ancient Egypt. Those lofty expectations likely made their way into the cats’ DNA and that’s why we have the largely aloof felines of today. They even sparked a saying, “Dogs Have Owners. Cats Have Staff.” Well, the cat in this video has figured out a way to get his owners, excuse me, staff members to give him better service than most five-star hotels.

It starts when he’s outside in the yard and decides that he wants to come back in. No… he doesn’t wait patiently for someone to find him. He also doesn’t use a cat door, if there is one in the first place. That would be too pedestrian for him anyway. Instead, he leaps on a sill and starts rubbing against the doorbell, causing it to ring over and over. He does this until someone actually comes over and lets him in. Apparently, he likes to do this when they are sleeping. Yes, cats may be friendly, but don’t forget that deep down, they are also evil. It’s not like this cat cares about the consequences. He’s back inside his house.

If either of my cats learned this trick, every single day would be so long from the constant doorbell ringing. I’m hiding this video from them. It’s safe, since they are asleep now. Wait, does one of them have his eye open? Oops. Time to switch my browser to another site. Seriously, though, pets are coming up with new ways to make their owners do whatever they want. Wild dogs adapted to have humans feed them rather than their having to go hunt. Cats manipulate people like a puppeteer does a marionette. Perhaps this cat’s DNA will grant future cats with this skill. The denizens of those times may curse viral videos.

I’ve got tell you – I was in awe when I saw this video. Feel free to watch it too and give us your two cents about this cat. We want to hear from you!

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