Kitty Jumped On This Dog’s Body And Started Licking Him. I Was In Tears When I Knew WHY!

Cats and dogs are mostly supposed to be enemies but now this statement is nothing but a mere stereotypical thinking well at this video says so. This video will change your perception of these old perpetual enemies and will now set them in your mind as the best of friends. I actually cried watching this.

This cute pup, Zeke has just returned from visiting the vet. He had got multiple steroids and shots to cure his allergic reaction. He was still feeling low and weak when this adorable cat, Winston started caressing him. He rested his whole body above his to make him warm and constantly licked him. How he comforted him is absolutely beautiful.

I didn’t know cats could be so empathetic and loving. A friend taking care of you during your sickness is priceless. I wish I could pet them both to see such love every day. Watch this video and tell us if you have seen something like this between your pets through comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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