Kitty Litter gadget, allows morning drivers to stay safe.

There are two types of personalities in this world night owls and morning persons. I consider myself a morning person but not only for the daily obligations that we frequently have to do. After a while I started to enjoy being up early, the cold of the morning, the smell of a good coffee, toasted bread, and eggs for breakfast are some of the particular sensations that make very appealing this part of the day. As my mom always said “The person who gets up early, takes clear water from the river”, she intended to teach me that morning persons are luckier and take more advantage of the time given.

For those who constantly make an early trip to your jobs, you probably already know a few common issues related to this activity. Routine tasks such as inspecting the air pressure of your tires, checking the oil level of your engine, and more specifically cleaning the foggy windows of your car, can be something to keep in mind when you have to travel before sunrise. Foggy windows can be a little tricky because it may distract you when you are driving, you can choose to take the time to clean up the windows or drive with a substantially reduced vision.

Fortunately, there is a practical solution we want to share with you to avoid this problem, the only two things you will need is a pair of socks and some kitty litter. Although it sounds silly, we assure you there is a perfectly scientific explanation to unravel this trick. Cold air is always dry regarding the fact that water condensates at these temperatures, when the moisture inside the car gets cold a thin layer of tiny drops start to gather on the surface, that’s how foggy windows are formed.

Moisture is the essences of this hack. If we can diminish the humidity of the air located inside your car we would eliminate the foggy windows that block your vision in the morning. That’s how kitty litter becomes the key ingredient for this simple device, the litter is a loose and granular material that absorbs moisture and odors such as the ammonia contained in our pets disposals.

The first thing you will need to do is fill one of the socks with the litter, in case of needing any reinforcement you can use the second one to wrap the initial combo. Once is secured you can place the socks with the litter anywhere inside the car, from the moment you put it in the litter will start to absorb the humidity avoiding the formation of the foggy windows mentioned. Talking about useful gadgets right?

If you want to see the entire video tutorial and learn more about this awesome hack, just click play on the video below. Don’t forget to share and comment on it!