“Want To Know If Your Kitty Loves You? Here Are Some Signs To Look For!”

When it comes to being a cat owner we wonder if our kitties love us as much as we love them. Here we have someone giving us six signs that our kitty could love us. Some of these are proven to be true and something most kitty parents would agree with.

First sign that a kitty loves us, they will drool over us. Well, this could be true most of the time drooling means you like something.

That is the first sign a kitty cat loves you according to this video. Yes, some cynics would say that kitties don’t actually love humans they only show affection to get food. But any cat owner would know otherwise, we see the love and affection in our beloved feline companions. The affections is definitely there and goes beyond just wanting food or any type of shelter. https://youtu.be/vKfE98xCBDs If you want to see the other  signs according to the person who put out this video that our kitties love us, watch this video. Then let us know if you agree, or if you want to add some signs not including here by commenting below.