“This Kitten Encounters His Tail For The First Time, His Reaction? Way Too Funny!!”

Dogs aren’t the only animals who seem to want to chase their tails. Apparently kitty’s want to do it as well, as we see here. This is another video that features one of the kittens of Coco, the mother kitty who has become a YouTube sensation along with her kittens.

Here we find her kitten Oliver encountering his tail for the first time. When Oliver see’s his tail, his reaction is the try to catch it of course. This led to the little guy spinning in circles, but then giving up.

No doubt thinking it was a waste of time to try to catch his tail. But Oliver soon finds another tail to go after when his mother Coco shows up. Yes, Oliver decides he wants to chase his mother’s tail instead, perhaps he thought that would be easier.

Coco’s reaction to Oliver wanting her tail, she is actually quite patient. She stands there while Oliver plays with her tail that is wagging back and forth. So, Oliver got a chance to play with Coco’s tail in the end, so he did manage to catch someone’s tail even if it wasn’t his own.

So, watch Oliver in his quest then let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/M_APcfhu2IM