Kitty Is Mesmerized By Owner Blowing A Bubble. What He Does Next Is HILARIOUS!

Ever since we were children we’ve been fascinated with bubbles. Be it blowing soapy bubbles in the air or even with bubble gum. Have you tried to blow the biggest bubble ever? I know I have. When I was younger I would keep trying to blow bubbles until my throat felt dry or my gum became rubber in my mouth.

But I never gave up. I always wanted to blow bigger and better bubbles. Of course, it didn’t help that all the bubbles I blew fell flat.

When this kitty’s human blew bubbles out of her bubble gum, the kitty burst the bubble with his tiny paws. It seems the cat shares the same fascination with bubbles like us! He watches his human chewing her gum and I’m sure gets curious at what she’s gonna do.

When she blows her bubble, POP it goes with a swipe of his claws. Watch how his eyes get bigger as he sees the bubble expand. He must be thinking, ‘What is THAT? What is happening?’

Watch the video to see his hilarious response! I loved this adorable video. Does your pet get curious with anything you do? Write in and tell us in the section below!

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