Kitty Protects Her Pal Of A Puppy From Overly Enthusiastic Ginger… What A Gas!

It’s not always easy growing up with the sense of wonder and curiosity that a dog does. When it comes to being a puppy, I know that many different puppies have a sense of wonder and awe to them that most people couldn’t fill in a million years. Sometimes, the exploration is met with resistance and their sense of wonder leads them to some troubling instances. Whether it be picking a fight with someone bigger than them or chewing up the carpet, dogs and puppies need the loving care that everyone else needs. They need the boundaries that most set forth, not to stunt their growth, but to help them learn as safely as possible. Whether it comes to meeting a new friend or exploring territory they are unfamiliar with, it’s almost impossible to sense a young puppies sense of curiosity. That’s why it’s always nice when you have a friend to get your back. Make sure that they are watching out for you and looking out for your best interests.

When it comes to a young puppy being rather friendly with another ginger cat, we think it would go exactly how it plays out. The ginger cat is none too happy to make the acquaintance of the young furry pup and immediately lets him know this. Yet, when the ginger cat is on the attack, that’s when the puppy gets a helping hand from his friendly and protective cat buddy. I know when I first saw how this played out, I was in absolute hysterics! It’s always nice when you have a friend watching out for you.

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