This Kitty Was Thirsty But Was Lazy To Get Up And Drink. But The Solution She Comes Up With? HILARIOUS!

Cats are really adorable irrespective of how sneaky and lazy they are. Well this cat is surely one of a kind and her laziness is simply hilarious. Well if we get into describing her laziness then we can actually say that the word lazy was actually coined for her.

She hates getting up and juggling with regular stuff. All she wants is to sleep and have someone feed her. The way this kitty shows her laziness is actually funny. She is so lazy that she doesn’t even consider waking up and drinking water by herself.

This kitty has invented a new way to drink water from the bowl without having to get up. Her way will surely have you rolling in the floor. What she does to quench her thirst is actually funny. Watch this video and tell us what you think about this cat’s laziness. We would love to have your views on this video!

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