I knew vinegar was versatile, but these are 10 uses for it that even I didn’t know about!

Chances are you think of vinegar as something you’d use when making dinner, be it for salad dressing, chutney, various marinades, and more. It’s also an ingredient in popular condiments like hot sauce and ketchup. But vinegar isn’t just for cooking. It’s for cleaning, too.

It might come as a surprise, but vinegar is quite the all-natural and very inexpensive cleaning product. After you see the video that’s posted below, it may become your go-to cleaning product. Melissa Maker, who started a cleaning business before she took to the internet to share her cleaning wisdom will outline ten different ways to use vinegar for cleaning. She focuses on some lesser-known examples.

If you’ve got scissors with grimy, sticky blades, you’ll be amazed what wiping them down with a cloth soaked in white vinegar will do. You may have broken countless fingernails getting the gooey residue from price stickers off some item you just brought home; next time, try rubbing some vinegar on the affected area and wait five minutes. Vinegar is also perfect for cleaning and de-scaling coffee makers, teapots, and dishwashers. If you thought you’d never get the microwave interior clean, think again: by heating up a mix of vinegar and water, you’ll create steam that, when wiped away afterward, will take all the gunk with it. Mixed it with water and you can deoderize furniture. Bring new life to loofahs and razor blades by soaking them in vinegar. Pre-treat car windows with vinegar and water to prevent frost. It can replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners. In the kitchen, you can use vinegar to get cooking smells off your hands and clean cutting boards. Maker’s video has more details and important dos and don’ts.

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