Kozal’s Christmas: a festive tale of an elderly cat’s struggle to get adopted

Here’s a festive and utterly heartwarming animated video about an elderly cat named Kozal who’s at an animal shelter waiting for someone to come along and adopt him. He’s 16, which is about 80 in cat years. Unfortunately, older cats often have a hard time getting adopted. As the weeks and months go by, people come to the shelter, eagerly lavishing attention on every other cat except for poor Kozal, who they totally ignore. By the beginning of December, all the other cats have been adopted, leaving a very glum Kozal as the only cat at the shelter. But then he wakes from a nap to see Santa Claus on the other side of the glass. Well, it isn’t really Santa, but a woman dressed in a Santa-esque way. She’s got the best possible present for Kozal: a forever home! The video ends with the woman stretched out by the fireplace with a thoroughly contented Kozal curled up on her lap.

The video was produced by Cats Protection, the largest feline-oriented charity in Britain. Their 250 volunteer-run branches and 31 adoption centers find homes for literally tens of thousands of cats every year. They also provide cat care information and promote spaying and neutering to keep the population under control.

As Cats Protection notes in its own history, “During the 1920s, cats were not seen as the companion animals today — instead of much-loved pets, they were considered as nothing more than pests. Concern was expressed at the ignorance of many people regarding the needs of the domestic cat. In an attempt to raise the status of cats, a group of like-minded people gathered together at Caxton Hill in London. They formed the Cats Protection League.” In the 90 years since, the group has survived war and economic turmoil, much to the benefit on Britain’s cats.

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