Kramer’s Heartwarming Entrance Captured in Full Video

A beautiful horse named Kramer arrives at Hosanna Horse Haven and sees other horses again for the first time in four years. All the horses are interested and watching him. Kramer walks up to them and introduces himself; seeing him interacting with them is beautiful. Kramer sniffs the other horses and checks them out.

Kramer is curious about them and is very friendly with the black horse who comes up to greet him. He starts running around and enjoying his freedom. He is so happy to smell and see the other horses. Kramer has a good conversation with them. Since there are herd dynamics, the horses had to figure out who was the leader of the pack.

Kramer runs around the pen, so excited to come back up to the other horses. Seeing the sheer delight on his face when he goes to them is heartwarming as they touch noses. It is nice to see him being accepted by the other horses. He also lights up when he sees a chicken for the first time, as everything is new to him. He is elated to be part of the group.

You would dream about visiting Hosanna Horse Haven to brush and pet the horses and see them playing together. The place is a horse sanctuary; you can even adopt or foster a horse. If you need to see an uplifting video and you love horses, this is the one for you!

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Kramer\'s Heartwarming Entrance Captured in Full Video