Kuli The Surfing Cat Doesn’t Have One Eye, But That Doesn’t Stop Them From Catching The Waves!

There are countless animal stereotypes that are sadly very far away from the truth, and very few pets can be saved from them. Most of them are blatant lies, but there’s a few that seem too true to be considered fake. Like the fact that cats hate water. I mean, who hasn’t seen countless cats run away and become completely upset when put on the rain or when stepping on a puddle of water?

Cats can be very keen about their preferences about humidity, and the kitty in the video below is a great exception to this supposed “rule”. Not only does she not mind being in the water at all, she likes it so much that she’s become the first cat surfer in the whole world! You can meet Kuli, a Hawaiian cat that only has one eye after having an urgent surgery when he was younger. The baths helped him recover, and he quickly became accustomed to water since a very young age.

Now, as any Hawaiian can only hope to be, he’s become a pro surfer, despite his condition, and he does it without any difficulty or struggle whatsoever. He’s a really impressive cat!

Watch this awesome cat surfing video just below!

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