Lab Started Barking At His Parrot Friend. The Birds Response? EPIC!

When it comes to animals we just love them. We have been known to be rather obsessed with them and we don’t really care who knows it! Animals are such fascinating creatures to us that we even have people who have dedicated their entire lives to studying them and their different behaviors and yet we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Animals have always been a source of captivation for us. We are just incredibly curious about them and why they do the things that they do. While we are constantly wondering at their behaviors that hasn’t stopped us from welcoming them into our homes. In fact it may have only encouraged us to do so even more.

Our pets are our family. We love them dearly and from the moment we bring them home we’ve considered them family and hope everyone else does too. While we do love our animals, and would do anything for them, that doesn’t mean that our pets will always agree with each other. Quite the contrary actually.

In this featured video you will see a Labrador and a parrot and these two are clearly having a disagreement over something but they are making themselves heard. These two are going at it until you can hear their mom in the background telling them to cut it out.

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