This Labrador Has a Best Friend, and He Swims out Into the Ocean Every Day to Meet Him

Morning routines are a special and incredibly important part of every day. For many of us, these routines are a source of balance and focus in our lives. We might wake up every morning and read the paper. We might sit down with the family and enjoy a cup of coffee. We might make ourselves some bacon and eggs or possibly a green smoothie before running out the door. We may even just have the routine of hitting the snooze alarm multiple times before finally dragging ourselves out of bed. No matter what your morning routine is, these are the activities that prepare and prime us for the rest of our day. They are the actions that set the mood and determine how focused we are during the rest of the day.

Off the west coast of Ireland is a small little island known as Tory Island. On this island is an adorable little dog named Ben, and this Labrador has a morning routine of his own. This morning routine is probably not what you would expect. It doesn’t involve food. It doesn’t involve sitting around a table with family, and it certainly doesn’t involve reading the newspaper. No, Ben needs to be out the door every morning for his morning routine because Ben is going to meet up with his best friend.


Every morning, Ben wakes up and steps outside. After taking a moment to enjoy the beautiful weather, Ben immediately makes a trot on down to the local harbor. Without even a second’s thought, Ben jumps into the water and swims out to sea. It is here that he meets every day with his best friend in the world. And it is this morning routine that sets the mood for what will be a beautiful and wonderful day in the life of Ben.

See for yourself Ben and his aquatic friend out for a morning swim in the Tory Island harbor. It is a truly remarkable and heartwarming thing to see.

This Labrador Has a Best Friend, and He Swims out Into the Ocean Every Day to Meet Him