Lady Gaga gives super bowl half-time show. To say it was great is an understatement.

The last time we saw Gaga, she was at the Super Bowl in 2017, where she jumped off the roof for part of her halftime show. Over 300 drones were lit up in the shape of the American flag behind her on the roof. Yes, she had ropes around her, don’t worry. She wasn’t doing some kind of “final protest” about a certain election. She’s a very talented singer but she’s also one of the best show people out there. If you’re not entertained at a Gaga concert, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

The very instant she touched down on one of the stands that were part of the stage, she had everyone’s attention. She even “jumped” from parts of the stage, singing from high in the air, which was reminiscent of Pink doing the same type of things during her show. The stage was very ornate, with one of her band members even playing a keyboard that wrapped all the way around them like a hula hoop.

There have been halftime shows where the musicians just played snippets and disappeared for costume changes. Not Gaga. She stayed out there and played whole songs, interacting with both her dancers and the audience, who were holding glowlights. I’ve never really listened to her music, but this was good. She ended the show by standing on a scaffolding, dropping the mic and catching a football as she jumped off – presumably into a net. What a show. No political statements either.

One thing that has fascinated me about these Super Bowl halftime shows is how complex the stage is. It’s amazing how fast they get it on and off the field. Imagine if it got stuck at like one of the end zones. “Uh… if a receiver catches the ball and can jump where the piano is, it’s a touchdown….” Hey, this is an event that had the power go out during the game once. This is something that is BOUND to happen. Maybe Gaga can become a coach then.

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