Lady Gaga Shows How it’s Done at The Super Bowl LI Half-Time Show

Every year, in America, we have the Super Bowl – the final chance of the year for the football players to show their talents are the best. Okay, let’s be fair – most of us watch for the commercials and what is always guaranteed to be a spectacular half-time show.

For Super Bowl LI, it was speculated that the musician might get political. Maybe she ‘d take this opportunity to make a grand political statement. However, her performance had a profound theme of unity and peace, without any bold political statements.


Lady Gaga opened up with a heartfelt rendition of “God Bless America”: Just what we need right now. You might remember previous Super Bowl half time performances have been controversial. Lady Gaga wasn’t about to let that happen this time, though. From Jumping from the top of the stadium into full ‘go’ mode, Lady Gaga’s performance was spectacular.

At a time of political craziness enfolding the country, this was exactly the half-time performance that was needed — no politics, just fantastic entertainment. If someone like Lady Gaga can bring this country together at such a perilous time, then we can love her for it. Gaga gave America something to smile about.

Lady Gaga Shows How it\'s Done at The Super Bowl LI Half-Time Show