This Lady Was Handed A Kitty That Didn’t Want To Eat! Watch What She Does Next! THANK GOODNESS!

On one fine day while she was shopping, a woman approached Liz and asked her if she wanted a kitten. Not sure what would happen to the kitten if Liz said no, Liz decided to take her in. Very soon though, she discovered that something wasn’t right with the kitten.

The poor kitten would not latch onto the bottle with which Liz was feeding her, and had had no bowel movements in the past couple days. In other words, the kitten wasn’t eating! Once Liz realized this she took the kitten to the vet where she was told that she’d have to feed the kitten with a syringe. The vet showed Liz how to do it and sure enough the kitten started eating. It was such a wonderful sight!

Have you ever had to feed your pets with a syringe? If so, how did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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