This Lady Plays Some Bach For Two Elephants And What They Do Will Blow You Away! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

Eleanor was having a stroll at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI taking some time off before her performance with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. During her walk she stumbled upon Kelly and Viola, 44 and 45 year-old elephants that have lived most of their lives together. Eleanor decided to play them some violin to warm up, and you won’t believe what happens. Check it out!

Kelly and Viola are grooving alright! The two are in perfect harmony as they sway their hips right and left to the tune of the violin’s music. The sight of the two is absolutely adorable! I had no idea that elephants enjoyed music. There should be more of this!

Did you know that elephants liked music? Do your pets like music? Let us know below!

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