A Lamb Walked Over To This Dog, And The Most Lovely Thing Happened

Animals of different species bonding together are always extremely adorable! Have you ever seen a lamb making friends with a husky? Well, now you will be able to witness this magical moment. Personally I am a huge fan of interspecies friendships! There is something incredibly uplifting about seeing friendship trample over any social conventions or differences and truly conquering all.

In the video below, cuteness ensues from the first frame of footage. As soon as this lamb walks over and sits down next to this Husky, they reveal an immediate warmth between them.  Although the Husky is obviously puzzled about his new friend’s appearance, he takes it all in stride and is clearly very comfortable with the baby, because he pulls out his toy and starts to chew it which shows comfort, and a non-territorial behavior. The lamb loves to nuzzle up next to her best friend, and the two give each other the sweetest kisses for the rest of the clip. How amazing is this. Clearly the lamb isn’t threatened by the dog. It seems these two made fast friends and might just be friends for a long time.

Check out their beautiful friendship as it unravels before your very eyes! The Husky even attempts to give his toy to the little lamb several times. The nuzzling is just absolutely adorable!

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