Larry the Parrot Dials an Imaginary Phone Number, but It Is WHAT He Says It that Cracked Me Up

When it comes to animals, we really can’t seem to get enough. We love to see them and go out of our way to watch videos of them. We’re all guilty of watching animal videos; I mean they make us happy and put a smile on our faces, so why not?

For the most part the most popular pets out there are dogs and cats, but animals that are quickly rising in popularity are birds. Birds didn’t use to be as popular, but right now, we are seeing an explosion of people getting birds as their pet of choice.


One of the most popular birds to have as a pet is a parrot and after watching this hilariously cute video, it’s easy to see why! In this video, you will meet a parrot named Larry.

Larry is known for his incredible mimicking abilities. In this video, he not only copies the sound that the phone makes when it rings but also of the entire conversation that he heard. This is so funny and incredible that he was able to copy it so well!