Laugh along with Carol Burnett & Harvey Korman in this new-found comedy classic

A recently resurfaced video clip from The Carol Burnett Show, Tearjerker Theater – It’s a Lovely Story, features the classic trio of Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, and Lyle Waggoner at their best. The skit begins with Vicki Lawrence setting the stage, & introducing the ‘Lovely’ tale of two young lovers, only to showcase their hilarious story 10 years after marriage.

As the scene shifts to the couple’s home, Oliver, played by Harvey Korman, returns from work, seeking solace in the arms of his wife, Jinny. But this is no ordinary romance; Carol Burnett’s portrayal of Jinny, with her short pink dress and ponytails, draws uproarious laughter from the audience.

Jinny’s overly enthusiastic love for her husband leads to comic escapades throughout their home. Whether dismissing a hired band, hiding in their house, or Jinny playfully smothering Oliver with affection, the loving but relentless wife keeps the audience in stitches.

Oliver’s attempts to find peace are met with playful interruptions and clever wit. His comparison of Jinny’s kisses to living with Count Dracula only adds to the sketch’s charm, as does her clinging to him like a baby chimp.

The humor unfolds as Oliver’s desire for food and rest is consistently thwarted by Jinny’s evasive antics. Her omnipresence in the cupboard or outside the window adds another layer of amusement to their domestic escapades.

The sketch reaches a climax when Oliver decides to leave his loving wife in a bid for freedom. However, Jinny’s playful ploy of feigning sickness with twinkling mischief in her eyes swiftly draws him back, weaving an even more endearing chapter in their love story.

The clever wife calls Dr. Don (Lyle Waggoner) on the telephone and faints instantly, making everyone chuckle. Immediately, in comes the Doctor apologizing for being late. Again, the audience can’t help but laugh uncontrollably.

As Dr. Don, Lyle Waggoner impresses the audience with his suave appearance and witty dialogues & further enriches the comic sketch. Jinny’s nonchalant response to his inquiries and the ensuing antics surrounding CPR add to the laughter.

Oliver is not very pleased with Dr. Don giving Jinny the CPR (kissing) and, in playful jealousy, asks him to move away. However, Jinny dramatically collapses, telling him Dr. Don giving her the CPR (kiss) could have saved her, ending the comic skit.

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Laugh along with Carol Burnett & Harvey Korman in this new-found comedy classic