I Laughed Hard When I Saw Why This Cat Was Shouting At Her Friend! You Won’t Be Expecting THIS!

Cats are cute little fluffs of adorableness but sometimes they tend to be a little stubborn and aloof. Okay, most of the time. But that only makes us love them even more, right? Cat videos are probably the most popular thing on the internet because they are so funny and entertaining. The following is one of my favorites.

This shows a conversation between two cats. One of them is very scared because the other is very furious. I don’t understand what is going on or what they are talking about in cat language, but that cat is just about ready to rip his friend to pieces. His anger is pretty scary. But the caption they have fixed in this video is hilarious!

These two cats are on the street by a car, but they look well taken care of. The ginger cat is really angry with the black cat and is making horrible angry noises. What really makes this clip funny are the subtitles. The ginger cat is the female, and she is accusing the black cat of cheating on her. It’s hilarious!

She says they were going to get married and have kittens together, and that her wedding gown was half paid for and now that money is just pissed away. The black cat just sits there, rarely saying anything. But then it really gets funny. The ginger cat says she was a virgin. WAS! LOL! Whoever put these subtitles on this video has a wicked sense of humor.

Watch it below! What could they be really talking about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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