I Laughed When Saw Mom Sitting At The Drums. But Wait Till The Music Starts! It Is Unbelievable!

This video features a performance that is going to blow off your minds. At a first glance, this incredible mom in the clip looks like any other mom, but wait till you see what happens when she takes the drumsticks in her hands and started playing. Now we are lucky to see a whole new side of her and it is awesome. In this video, she and her group are playing Surfaris’ 1963 hit “Wipe Out”.

“Wipe Out” is usually used as background music on many occasions. It has been played by radio stations, in different advertisements, and movies alike. The hit owes its breakthrough to Ron Wilson, who played on the drums.

He did a magnificent job on the long drum solos and thus it ended up becoming one of the most remarkable drum solo breaks ever played and recorded. That is one more reason why her performance is so brilliant!

Watch her incredible performance of the famous hit in the video below! Were you amazed with her drumming skills? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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