She Launches A New Program For The Homeless Community And It Is – Free Haircuts!

The video below features Mandie Barnes, a hairstylist, who decided to organize free haircuts to the homeless campaign. The idea came to her when she watched a popular video about a hairdresser who organized the same event. But Mandie didn’t expect such huge success.

Recently, she enlisted the help of professional stylists who volunteered their time and talent at the Ogden Rescue Mission to give haircuts to homeless members of the community. The event was specially organized around Christmas time to remind people what Christmastime is all about. Moreover, lots of donations were made by local businesses and friends.

The haircut can be useful from different aspects: it can be done in order to provide an extra boost of confidence to find a job or it can make you feel better about yourself for the holidays and, moreover, as we can see in the video the haircuts made these men, women and children feel human again. “I’ve learned what it’s like to give forward again, and it comes back to you,” one grateful man said before leaving the Mission that day. Just precious!

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