She Lays On The Hospital Bed, Pay Close Attention To The Dogs By Her Side…

The bond between a human and his or her dog is incredible, quiet, heavy and marked by love and loyalty.  It’s hard to encapsulate such a unique relationship in just a few words, there is really nothing else like it in life. Your special friend will be there when no one else is, the trust and selfless love that they give us is one of the best ways for humans to obtain relief.  There is no mystery behind the use of dogs as therapy animals!

We may be the more intelligent species, but it’s hard to deny that we have a lot to learn from these loving creatures. I always say that dogs can be our greatest teachers and that’s why one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the opportunity to grow up with a dog by their side. As you can see in this video, dogs are a true blessing at any point in life.

Their playful spirit and ability to always be happy, dogs can be a real inspiration to us humans. Nowhere is that more evident than in the following video, which helped me to remember just how wise our pets can be, even if we can’t understand them.

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