Lazy Corgi Plays With His Tennis Ball While Staying On The Same Spot!

Dogs are extremely happy animals and absurdly noble friends. However there are a few temptations that they absolutely cannot turn their adorable noses away from. Food and Playtime are their most decadent times and tennis balls are second only to a great bowl of human food!

There is a plethora of adorable dog videos showcasing this endearing behavior. From the Daschund that taught himself to play catch with a robot, to the Golden Retriever that received a room filled with the bouncy toys and proceeded to have the best day any dog could have!

If you are a dog-owner you know that, realistically, you have to go through a very careful trial and error to find the perfect toy that draws the most excitement for your companion.  However, some dogs are not complicated at all! Check out this incredibly funny and endearing footage of this corgi, if you are the owner of this particular dog you probably will never have  to worry about being super specific about which toy to get him!

Watch as this little guy plays with his tennis ball without ever moving from his spot!  He is spending the least possible effort to have a blast!

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