Lazy Dog Refuses To Budge From Bed Until Human Utters The Magic Word! LOL!

Dogs are utter sweethearts but when they want something, they’ll not budge at all. Fortunately, most owners have those lovely canines trained to a ‘T’. Well, mostly all of them. Watch what this dog does when his mama tells him to get off her bed!

Max is an obedient dog and listens to his human mum, but the temptation of the nice soft mattress proved too much for him. Happily lying down upon the bed, he refuses to budge when his human mom sees him laying there. The mattress is without a sheet so she may have either just bought it or put the linens for a wash. Either way, she wanted that dog off the bed.

However, he seems quite happy and has no inclination whatsoever to get up. His human mum tries a variety of tricks to tempt him to move. She asks him if he wants a treat – but this magic word fails to evoke any response. While the word treat is met with enthusiasm and energy from most dogs, Max proves that he’s not like other dogs.

He’s very comfortable. His mum records the entire moment. But she still has one trick up her sleeve. Watch the end of the video – this smart human mum knows how to get that dog moving. She says the magic word and this lazy dog suddenly jumps into action and bounds off the bed!

I’m sure a lot of dog owners will be wishing they had a magic word like this to get their dogs to move. I know I would! As adorable as they are, once they get stubborn about something, moving them is impossible – especially if they’ve grown to their adult size, like how Max has.

I’m an absolute dog lover and LOVED this video. My dog has done similar antics as well. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? SHARE the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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