Lazy Gray Wolves Can’t Be Bothered To Stand And Howl While Half Asleep

This stunning pair of wolves were born in captivity at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. Their names are Alawa, the wolf lying in the front, and Zephyr, who is in the back. Suddenly, they hear a wolf sound off in the distance and howl back in response.

However, the pair are so lazy they do not even bother to stand. Why stand up to howl when it works just as well from the ground? Technically, I guess they are working since they are two of the three ‘ambassador wolves’ at the WCC.

They have quite an important job, along with another gray wolf named Nikai. Together, they teach the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment. Their duties must have worn them out.

They spend about two minutes howling from the comfort of the ground. When all the howling ends, they promptly lay their heads down and go right back to sleep. I guess they are now sleeping on the job, as you can watch them via the WCC’s webcam.