Lazy Retriever Won’t Budge! Dad Uses Funniest Technique to Get This Hound Up and Moving! Ingenius.

The parks are usually a great place to go for a walk, play team-oriented sports, and other various land activities.
The laughter of children, flying a kite in perfectly windy weather, or even walking your best friend for some fresh air. The carefully maintained grounds remain a wonderful place to meet up for leisure activities, picnics, or sports.

The hilarious antics of this golden retriever will leave you grabbing your sides in laughter. The caring and compassionate father has had his loving hound since a pup and you can see the bond that’s matured gracefully overtime. The patience this father offers just blows me away. His best furry friend may be a bit bullheaded and stubborn but that doesn’t keep this dad down.

When faced with an unmovable object, even an unstoppable force can be deterred. However, this Dad has a bit more tact and playfulness at his disposal. The lazy hound remains on the ground, almost like a dead weight, when his Dad tries to exit the park. Dad is jerked backwards, feeling the gentle, but evident tug of resistance from his furry friend. He chuckles at the darling game his fluffy friend has now begun. Dad returns to his fallen friend to see what ails him. He shakes a small twig at the hound, trying to get his attention.

His befallen fur-covered friend turns on his back with his legs up in the air. Dad amused with the old’ Retriever’s sportive nature, throws one leg to the other side of his friend and towers over him. He gently holds both of his precious mutt’s paws. He does a circling motion with his arms trying to psych the old’ pooch to his feet. Still believing the ground to be the better route, his funny hound doesn’t move a muscle.

The dad, at wits end, finally gets the click from the lightbulb above his head. The odd trick may not work with most, but certainly does with his loyal retriever! Ha-ha such a snuggly funny Goldie.

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