Here’s the Simple Trick to Instantly Defrost Your Windshield— You Already Have Everything You Need

Defrost Windshield Easy Use science to help with one of winter’s daily challenges. As the weather grows colder, it is likely you will experience a frosted windshield on your car.

You can warm up your car and use the defroster on your dash, wasting a lot of gas. Or you can use a scraper to remove the frost. But this takes time and it’s quite literally a chilling experience.

Deice Windshield EasyInstead, use this simple science technique as explained by Ken Weathers, a local weather broadcaster. This solution is so simple, so inexpensive, and so fast – there’s really nothing else like it and it sure beats scraping ice in freezing cold weather.

Mix a little water and some rubbing alcohol together in a spray bottle to make a solution which quickly removes the frost. Then spray this solution of the frost on your windshield. Instantly the frost disappears.

What is the science behind these ingredients? Isopropyl alcohol has a freezing point of minus 128 degrees below freezing.

This will also save a lot of money for many folks waste gas by leaving their cars running in the morning (to melt the ice slowly and more expensively) before heading out. My dad used to do that years and years ago, not that I blame him. Gas was cheap, but it’s an expensive solution these days.

This, however, is so much simpler, easier, and it doesn’t take very much of this magic solution to get the job done.

There’s also another added benefit to this: It takes no effort or muscle. If for whatever reason your mobility is limited and scraping ice (which is a chore, let’s face it) is beyond your strength. This magic solution is exactly what the weatherman ordered.

Now let me also add something for any naysayers out there: You should still make a batch of this solution and keep a bottle of it in your car for another reason:

Emergencies.  There may be a time or a place when this could make the difference between life and death when you need your windshield de-iced and you have no time to spare. For example, if (God forbid) you need to rush to the hospital or to the aid of someone and every minute counts.

Keep the mixture in your car to be used on a daily basis — or when an ice storm hits. They’re coming with greater frequency these days.  It won’t freeze even if you keep it in the car (unless the temperature drops to -128 below zero! So unless you’re visiting Antarctica, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Share this weatherman’s novel solution with your friends. There’s a reason why this video has 8 million views already: People LOVE this idea because it works and it’s simple.

Here’s the Simple Trick to Instantly Defrost Your Windshield— You Already Have Everything You Need