Leaked footage of Heaven

It’s said that you can never have too much of a good thing, and golden retriever puppies fit neatly into that category.

Dogs are said to be the happiest creatures on the planet. We can’t help but wonder if that happiness stacks when you have a swarm of puppies. It’s practically heaven!

All those bouncing balls of fluff are bound to make you forget any heavy thoughts that might be weighing on your mind. These puppies will lick them all away.

Large groups of puppies like this are a common sight with dog breeders. This one responsibly allows their puppies to exercise and play in a wide-open puppy playground.

Some breeders decide to separate parents and puppies, but this breeder has delightfully allowed the puppies to mingle freely with their ma and pa pooches.

Were you thinking about adopting a puppy? You are now! Besides these little loves that need a home, don’t forget to consider looking into your local animal shelter, too. But first, take a peek inside puppy paradise…

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Leaked footage of Heaven