Lean How Quickly Germs Spread Using A Remarkable Glowing Powder

If you’re not a scientist, it’s likely you’re unfamiliar with the pattern of germ spread. Thankfully, a man named Mark Rober conducted a fun experiment using Glo Germ to show how easily sicknesses can circulate.

Glo Germ is a lotion-like product that sticks to surfaces and highlights them once under ultraviolet light to simulate the spread of germs. Mark Rober added the substance to one teacher’s hands and watched transference patterns to every student in the room.

What he found was incredible. After just one day, the Glo Germ, when illuminated, was seen in hundreds of places. From kids’ faces and desks to hard surfaces like desks and playsets, the fake germs were everywhere.

This just goes to show you the importance of regularly washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces. Even when you try to prevent the spread of germs, they can manage to slip through the cracks.