Learn About This Beautiful Tradition! Farmers Forge A Bond With Their Horses! Wow!

There is an amazing tradition in Iceland called göngur: Every summer season, farmers let go their youngest horses free into the northern mountains. The reason for this is to foster independence and strength, something that would be impossible without letting them to their own devices for a long period of time. Once autumn rolls around, the farms go on the journey to bring these horses back to their farms.

Farmers of all ages embark in this amazing and exhausting task they are devoted to maintaining this beautiful tradition. They respect and cherish their horses, they are their partners that help with the farmer’s livelihood. Gongur is something these farmers have been doing ever since they were very young, and to them, reaching the summit of the mountain and meeting their horses is the highlight of their year!

In the video below you will see old farmers talking with respect and wonder about this age old tradition. You can see the respect and love in their faces.  This video is a great way to explore how the connection between humans and nature can become an unbreakable bond, forged in mutual respect and devotion.

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