Learn How To Make An Adorable Baby Yoda Cake

Star Wars Fans, Now You Can Make A Baby Yoda Cake For Your Next Mandalorian Watching PartySideserf’s own Natalie takes us through the step-by-step method she used to create a realistic, and entirely adorable, Baby Yoda cake. Using Modeling Chocolate and a clever application of gelatin, she transformed cake and frosting into the cutest little baby alien ever.

Natalie from Youtube channel Sideserf starts off by making a very astute observation: Baby Yode looks a lot like Gismo from the 80’s movie ‘Gremlins.’ I never thought about this before, but now that I see the two characters, I can totally see it. Maybe this is why Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of America: Both he and Gismo are huggably cute.

Most of the cake is covered in modeling chocolate, which allowed Natalie to sculpt the little robe, face, ears, and hands of our adorable Star Wars hero. For the eyes, she used a really cool technique where she drew eyes on a sheet of edible paper and then attached that to a dome of clear gelatin. The effect was incredibly realistic and made the entire cake come to life.