Learn How to Sterilize Groceries With Informative Video From Family Physician Safely

While people are using plenty of hand sanitizer, wipes, and practicing excellent hand-washing techniques, there’s one thing that goes unnoticed. When you bring your groceries home, they’re full of germs, and this family physician can teach you how to sanitize them.

Jeffrey VanWingen is a family doctor in Michigan who makes this whole thing easy to understand. In a recently published video, he gives a step-by-step explanation on how to sanitize your groceries to prevent any chance of bringing COVID-19 into your house.

He uses a genius analogy telling viewers to imagine that their groceries are covered in glitter. The glitter represents the germs and bacteria of the virus. The end goal is to get your groceries or take-out into your home without getting any glitter anywhere.

In his analogy, Dr. VanWingen says that by using a disinfectant, you can dissolve the hypothetical glitter and make your home a bit safer during these strange times. Even after this is all over, this can still be a good thing to practice to live a healthier life.