He learned to dance by watching internet videos. Then he posted his own…

People have always been dancing — it seems to be a basic human impulse, whether as art form, means of expression, or just a way to cut loose and have some fun. Without even meaning to, Sven Otten invented his own unique style of dance and became something of an internet celebrity.

It all started when Sven decided to learn how to dance. Rather than go to an instructor, he taught himself by watching tutorials on YouTube. Perhaps this was for the best. Had he gone to a professional dance teacher, he’d have likely only learned how to dance “correctly.” By doing it his way, he ended up creating something new. After picking up dance styles like the Melbourne shuffle, tectonic, rebolation and Charleston he brought them all together in a style he termed “neoswing.”

Soon Sven was posting his own videos and much to his surprise, attracted a huge audience. Today, his YouTube channel has over 70 million views in total! As Sven himself remarked, “Now dancing is not only my passion but also my work. Dreams come true!”

One of Sven’s dance videos is posted for you below. It’s one of his early ones, made in 2012 and filmed in his bedroom. He’s dancing to “Delight” by Jamie Berry. Berry is an up and coming musician from England who specializes in blending elements of traditional swing with modern day electronic and “house” music. Sven is sharply dressed in a suit and fedora, a nod to fashions from the heyday of swing in the 1930s and 1940s. His unique style features fast footwork that sends him gliding across the floor, his moves in perfect accord with the beat.

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