After Learning He Has Stage 4 Cancer, This Grandpa Did Something Unbelievable. I’m In TEARS!

Sometimes, we come across stories that are too shocking and moving not to share them with you guys on here. What happened goes a bit like this: Kenneth Broskey, a man of 69 years of age, was diagnosed with cancer recently. The doctors said that the cancer was already at a very far stage, and he had approximately two more weeks to live. The way the man took this extremely shocking news is what’s more fascinating.

Instead of freaking out or thinking about himself, he decided to help his daughter with her mortgage with his last few weeks of life, and he joined Uber to become a driver to work tirelessly so that after he died, his daughter wouldn’t have problems sustaining her family. The goal was $95,000 dollars, so he needed to raise whatever he could to help, even if it’s just a little. While giving a ride to a young man who hired him using this amazing app, he told him his story, and his new friend was so touched by it, he also decided to help, and set up a Go Fund Me telling the man’s story and his experience with Uber.

This incredible story is shown just below here in the video. Isn’t it amazing when people come together for a single purpose?

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