She Leaves Her Dog In A Nursing Home. What The Dog Does Next? Nobody Could Believe It At First!

Nala is a little teacup poodle who changed everything in this nursing home. She came one day with Dr. Dough Dawson, a staff member of this nursing home, and left everyone stunned with what she did every single day after that. Residents of this nursing home in Minnesota refer Nala as their princess and a gift from heaven.

According to Dr. Dawson, Nala was never trained to be a service dog, but from the day one she displayed some amazing skills in this hospital. It was a total coincidence when he brought Nala to this nursing home. When he saw Nala visiting and prescribing love to every patient, he thought that it was best that he bring Nala to the hospital every day. Now, Nala makes her own schedule and even rides the elevator by herself. She visits every patient in the nursing home one by one and even sets priorities.

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