Before He Leaves Each Morning, He Needs To Say Goodbye In This Special Way

People say that cats are not affectionate. For some reason, they’ve gotten this reputation for being very cold. On the contrary, cats are full of love to give. There are many ways cats show affection. They like to show affection for the people they care. Some of the signs are often confused or misinterpreted. Many more of them are even overlooked.

Cats do not show their warm feelings for people in very loud and obvious ways. You don’t get home and your cat starts wagging his or her tail. They don’t lick your face like a dog will. You could say cats whisper their affections. The first way they show their affection is through their eyes. A pretty good way you can know if your cat loves and trusts you is if he looks at you with his eyes half closed. This is especially true if the cat starts blinking very slowly. You can tell your cat you love him or her by giving little cat kisses. This is something that makes them happy and strengthens your relationship with them.

The other obvious place to look is their tails. Their tails are indicators of how they feel. They convey their emotions depending on the way they are positioned. When it’s combined with body language they can communicate a whole lot of emotions that go from fear and aggression to being happy and showing love.

Most people already recognize the signs of fear and aggression but don’t know when the cats are being affectionate. For example, if cats are twirling their tails around his favorite owner. That’s a clear sign that he or she loves you. This is also true when they start to rub around your legs. Although this one is a little bit more obvious.

Some cats also love to give little kisses. This is the ultimate show of a motion for them. Just like the cat in the next video. Before his owner leaves for work, he needs to do a certain ritual with him. The owner gets close to him to say goodbye. The cat gets up on his back two legs.

Then, the cutest thing happens. The cat and his owner exchange little cat kisses. This is heartwarming to see. And it’s not a simple kiss-you goodbye and that’s it. This cat loves saying goodbye as much as he likes saying hello. For those of you who thought cats were not affectionate, just watch this video.